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For the Overseas Shipping Calgary Trusts, Call All Season Freight Ltd.

Specializing in the movement and consolidation of cargo from Canada to the Caribbean, All Season Freight Ltd. is an ocean freight consolidator providing the overseas shipping Calgary trusts. We serve customers in Alberta and throughout Canada. Over the past 20 years, we have built a reputation for excellence in overseas and ocean shipping. We take pride in finding timely and cost-effective solutions for cargo of various types and volumes.

We Work Closely with Freight Forwarders, Co-Loaders & Carriers

All Season Freight operates in an efficient manner, utilizing our close relationships with freight forwarders, co-loaders and respected carriers to the Caribbean. We work with our suppliers on a daily basis to ensure you get the best rates possible. We are known throughout the freight forwarding and logistics industry for our honest and professional business practices.

Highly Trained Staff Ensures Your Peace of Mind

Whether you are shipping a car, furniture, food or other personal effects, All Season Freight provides affordable solutions. We ensure your peace of mind by providing all the necessary paperwork, including notification upon departure, confirmation of your tracking number and confirmation of arrival.

Safe Storage in Our Secure Warehouse

We ship 20’ and 40’ containers, boxes, wood crates and barrels made of fibreglass, plastic and metal and are able to ship vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. In fact, our crates and barrels are available for purchase. Using our own warehouse, we can guarantee the safety of your merchandise.

Safe Overseas Shipping

Formerly Sky & Sea Cargo Services Ltd., All Season Freight is under new management that continues our commitment to reliable and safe shipping of your cargo. Ensure secure overseas shipping from Calgary to the Caribbean – consult our professionals today.

Promotions & Special Offers

Get a discount when shipping 3 or more barrels to the same location! Call for more details.

Freight Forwarding and shipping to the Caribbean and within Canada

We use the most secure transportation methods

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